Quit or Speak

A friend asked me the other day why I had quit writing in the blog. Had I given up? At first I said no to quitting that I was still transitioning to… The reality is that if I did not quit I was frozen. Casinos had reopened and the State had moved up a tax break for the casinos that was supposed to happen when the new casinos open. I did not read anywhere about protections for those with a gambling disorder. My belief is that the State is part of a rigged game that is out in the open without any concerns for the individuals, families, friends, societies that are harmed by their blind greed. You might hear that the State has raised the funds for treatment/treatment related resources by a factor of 8. My numbers might be off some but I think that close to 20% of that uptick in resources is for a survey/study that should have been done before the expansion of gambling in the past and the present. I will make the case that the State and its’ citizens are a net loser in their addictive quest for tax revenues. I will make a case that the money allocated for the consequences of gambling disorder are not equal to the costs to us all. I don’t know how much longer that I will write but I do know the title of my next blog piece, Human Fracking.

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