What Happens in Vegas Does Not Stay in Vegas

Vegas is open. You can read stories about their attempts at dealing with Covid-19 and people standing in line to get into the casinos some flying in from around the country. My opinion is that Vegas is not doing a good job in mediating the transmission of Covid-19. Look at the pictures.

What you do not read about is the financial and emotional devastation that gamblers will bring home from their time in Vegas that will affect their future along with the futures of their loved ones. The negative effects will happen to both Escape and Action gamblers.

Escape Gamblers are mix of genders with most woman being Escape Gamblers. They usually start later in life and develop serious problems quicker. They tend to play slots. They tend to be looking to escape from the emotional burdens of their lives. They tend to be caretakers. They experience the “zoning out” that Schull writes about.

Action Gamblers tend to be men. They tend to start young and have long gambling careers (in their grandiose ways they tend to think they are professionals), be competitive, and gamble on games of “skill”.

The above are generalizations and people can cross over. It does seem that at the end of their gambling Action Gamblers become Escape Gamblers. All gamblers with a gambling disorder will to a person bring pain, confusion, and suffering to those innocents in their lives.

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