To their credit The Illinois Workers Compensation Commission regulated that anyone contacting Covid-19 would be presumed to have contacted it at work and be eligible for Workman’s Compensation. That is in my opinion. The regulation was rescinded after business groups won a court case temporarily blocking the reg. To enter the reopened NYSE you need to sign a waiver of liability that protects the NYSE. Walmart is being sued by a family of a worker who dies from Covid-19. The PA Legislature is dealing with a member who contacted Covid-19 without him or his parties leadership sharing that knowledge with the opposing Party. There are going to be complications from the transition to opening up the business world from shelter in place.

I do not think that the casinos are going to ask patrons to sign waivers. I have not read anything of that sort either way. My guess is that there will strict guidelines of safety towards protecting both the patrons and staff. My guess is that they will be followed by most people. So, what’s my problem?

My problem is that given the nonessential nature of a casino along with the tension of extracting money from gamblers for both the casino and the State the guidelines will be difficult to fully implement. I have to admit that the tension of disordered gamblers to feed their negative feedback loop is also a factor in my belief of the difficult execution of safety.

So, who will be liable if there are outbreaks of Covid-19 from casino attendance?

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