Elementary, My Dear Watson

I like many have been sheltering in place. My only exceptions are to walk Blush and to shop for food. I talk to a few clients, family and friends, read a little, clean a little, write in this blog, and watch tv (not a little). As I have mentioned I have addictions. TV is one. I am on the seventh and final season of Elementary. I find the story of a modern day Holmes and Watson fascinating. I recommend the show on the crime deduction basis alone. I have a special fondness for the show because it has a recurring addiction and recovery theme.

I do not have to be a detective to deduce what might happen to my life if I chose to go back to gambling. Emotional, financial, relational ruin are some of the possibilities. Life in normal times is a struggle. My goal is to struggle well. I look at the struggles the people of world experience on a daily basis with the addition of Covid-19 and wonder how many people are not able to struggle well. How are we prepared to help those in need? I think about that on global level and a micro level of gambling disorder.

I live a privileged life. I try to use that reality to do things besides watch tv. Writing this blog might be another form of privilege. My hope that it also might be a way to connect.

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